Advanced Nutritional Technologies Inc., ANTECH was founded in 2002 by Christopher Feist to develop and market next generation nutritional products.

ANTECH’s first flagship product was Dr. Edward’s Sterilized Drinking Water, a specialty bottled water product for children and adults who required the highest safety standards for drinking water.

ANTECH grew from a humble staff of 3 to over 70 employees by 2011 and was fortunate to attract Mr. Edwin Feist to join the company. Edwin Feist brings over 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry holding senior executive management positions with leading multinationals in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Latin America.

Edwin Feist joined ANTECH and expanded the company mission and vision to become a leading provider of next generation nutrition and other pediatric healthcare products in the Philippines and Asia by providing products that are differentiated through added value benefits. Ed also attracted a team of highly talented and experienced executives to help take ANTECH to new heights to achieve its vision.

In 2012, ANTECH partnered with HiPP, the largest organic baby food company in Europe and launched HiPP’s range of Organic Pediatric Nutrition products in the Philippines in 2013. ANTECH is expanding its portfolio of HiPP products and will add other proprietary products to address healthcare needs of infants and young children over the next 5 years in the Philippines and other market’s in Southeast Asia.

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